How Medicare Advantage plans hurt seniors?

People approaching their retirement age are likely to have several questions in mind. But the one that tends to intrigue them a lot is whether Medicare will offer sufficient healthcare coverage or not and if Medicare Supplement plans are to be availed. This question is heavily weighed by insurance professionals and AARP. Often, some points tend to get overlooked when debating about issues like advantages offered by Medicare Advantage plans.

About Medicare Advantage plans

People tend to get drawn to those lucrative terms like ‘Advantage’. They often have the tendency to select products that comes with this term, assuming it to be much better than the others available. Although Medicare Advantage plan is favored by many, the truth is that it does offer very less benefits to the beneficiary.

When compared to traditional Medicare,  AARP Advantage plans do come with serious disadvantages. Unlike traditional Medicre, Medicare Supplement plans and Advantage plans are offered by private insurers. For the latter plans, government makes a monthly fixed fee for providing services to every beneficiary. This plan was previously known as Medicare managed-care plans. They do appear attractive and do offer basic coverage similar to that of original Medicare. It also offers additional services and benefits which is not offered by original Medicare.

Medicare offers flowchart to check out when determining the Medicare coverage type to be selected. Coverage choices chart of Medicare does highlight few differences that exists between coverage, focusing upon things such as extra costs, payment, coverage type, choice of care/doctors, etc.

Being a government site, Medicare lays down the chart in objective manner. But some healthcare experts and seniors do not view it as objective matter which is laid out in simple Part A vs. C terms. Some even view Advantage plans to be some kind of scam. The present Advantage system similar to Medicare + Choice, its predecessor, is just an image of cheap hospital stays, copays and free from anonymous bureaucrat pushing around the policy holder.

AARP Medicare advantage Plans

Prior to signing any of the Medicare Supplement plans or Advantage plan, it is important for seniors to first do thorough research on the coverage and benefits to be derived, its price, and if long term healthcare benefits are provided or not. Also it will be useful to find out if there are expenses to be borne in the end.

Once all aspects are taken into consideration and going through the details of the different Medicare Supplement plans, the person can make a proper decision to get one.